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Prove to yourself that the SPAS Call Center Agent Pre-Employment Screening Software will work in your Contact Center Environment.

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SPAS - Service Personnel Appraisal System - A Call Center Agent Pre-Employment Screening Software, which is easy to deplay, very cost-effective, and highly predictive of an individual's sustainability for a particular call center agent position. There are SPAS Versions available to test for:


  • Inbound Customer Service (Up-Sell/Cross-Sell/Win-Back)
  • Inbound Customer Service (Service & Support)
  • Inside Sales Agent
  • Order Entry Agent
  • Outbound Telephone Sales - Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Outbound Telephone Sales - Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Tier 1 Technical Support / Help Desk Agent
  • Central Station Alarm Monitoring Operator
  • 911 / Public Safety Operator
  • 811/511/311/211 Information & Referral Operator
  • Telephone Answering Service / Medical Messaging Operator
  • Reservations Agent
  • Guest Services Agent
  • Telephone Collections
  • Telephone Interviewer
  • Quality Assurance Agent / "Mystery Shopper"

A Proven Call Center Hiring Solution

SPAS is recognized for achieving 
over a 90% "Hit-Rate" identifying
Job Candidates who will succeed 
long term in your telephone-based

SPAS weeds out Job Candidates who
will burn out fast because they are 
not suited for the work.

SPAS identifies Job Candidates with
the Personality/Job-Fit, Soft Skills,
Motivation and Work Ethic required
to be Top Call Center Agents.

SPAS makes highly-accurate Call 
Center Agent Hiring Predictions and
significantly contributes to Lower 
Turnover and Higher Productivity.

SPAS helps you build Compatible
Teams of High-Calibre Call Center

SPAS is a Proven Technology -
Specifically Designed and Used for
over 10 years to make Accurate
Hiring Decisions for Thousands of
New Call Center Agent Hires

SPAS is easy-to-use and provides
Hiring Managers with an easy-to-
read Profile of a Job Candidate's 
long-term suitability for a specific
type of Call Center Agent Position.

SPAS was Designed, Validated and
Optimized specifically as a Job 
Candidate Hiring/Screening 
Instrument for telephone-based

By using SPAS, you will hire the
right people the first time and
reduce Agent Turnover.

Less Turnover lowers Recruiting &
Training Costs and gives you more
experienced Call Center Agents.

More capable & experienced Agents
get the job done faster and better
- and with higher morale.

Productivity goes up - along with
Customer Satisfaction Ratings -  
and Sales Results.

Adheres To All Hiring Guidelines


SPAS Call Center Agent Pre-Employment Screening Software was developed in accordance with Regulations set by the American Psychological Association, and has been specially designed to evaluate Job Candidates for Telphone-Based Occupations - without Adverse Impact Upon Minorities.


SPAS Software meets & exceeds all Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) and Federal Guidelines for Pre-Employment Testing in the United States and Canada


Representative SPAS Users


SPAS Software is sold on an Unlimited Usage License basis. There are no "per Test" fees.

Technical Support for SPAS is Free & Unlimited.

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Prove to yourself that the SPAS Call Center Agent
Pre-Employment Screening Software will work in
your Contact Center Environment.

Contact us at or
call (250) 760-0142 in order to Schedule your
Free Trial of the SPAS Software.



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