Call Center Process Improvement Consulting


TeleSoft Systems Assists Companies in Maximizing the Value of their Call Center Operations by providing: 

· Process Optimization
· Staff Optimization
· New Capability Design
· Change Management


Whether It Is Creating A New Customer Service Center, Or Re-Energizing Your Existing Operation, TeleSoft Systems Can Help You Succeed. 

Customer Service & Support Should Be A Point Of Real Competitive Advantage - In Many Cases The Customer Service/Support Department Is The Most Important Point Of Contact For Your Customers - And A Key Provider Of Customer Satisfaction. 

Customer Service & Support Must Also Be High Quality And Low Cost. TeleSoft Systems Understands This Importance – And The Opportunity For Providing A Positive, Long Lasting Impression – And Maximizing Sales Opportunities.

Efficient And Responsive Customer Service/Support Operations Are Dependant On Proactive, Cost-Effective Service & Support Methodologies. Live Contact With Your Agents – Your Most Expensive Resource - Is Not Always What Your Customers Want Or Need.  TeleSoft Systems Can Help You Build Processes Around Proactive Contact Management That Utilize Multiple Channels To Deliver Service - Without The Usual And Costly Learning Curve Incurred.

Today's Customer Service/Support Call Center Is Ultimately Defined By Its Technology And Supporting Infrastructure. TeleSoft Systems Has A Broad Base Of Expertise In Telephony, Headsets, ACDs, IVRs, CTI, Workforce Management, Intelligent Call Routing, eMail, Text Chat, Collaboration, Self-Service Applications, VoIP, Wireless, Reporting, Data Warehousing, and Knowledgebase/Training Technology.

Providing Cost-Effective, Yet High Quality, Customer Service & Support Is The Goal Of Every Organization - It Is Essential. 

Let TeleSoft Systems Support You In Achieving These Goals.



OutBound Calling Programs Are Both Expensive and Labor Intensive.

Recruiting, Newspaper Ads, Telephones, Long Distance Configuration, Regulatory Issues, Payroll, Leads – It Adds Up To Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars.

After Integrating Technology – Computers, Predictive Dialer And/Or CRM Software – You’re Approaching Six Figures.

Who Are You Delegating This Project To?

Who In Your Organization Has A Track Record Engineering & Structuring Successful OutBound Calling Campaigns Across A Broad Range Of Industry?

Lead Acquisition, Management Reports, Effective Recruiting, Applicant Screening, Interviewing, Compensation Structuring, HR Policy, Hiring, Training – And Firing.

In The OutBound Calling World, Meeting Management’s Expectations Of Progress Can Be A Daunting Task – Even For The Experienced Veteran.

Meeting Management’s Objectives Never, Ever Happens Without Professional Planning & Execution.

These Pivotal Issues Can Cost You Weeks Of Valuable Time, Significant Missed Opportunities With Customers And Thousands Of Dollars.

Many Organizations Simply Run Out Of Money And/Or Senior Management Support During “The Big Experiment” – Giving Up – Over Expectant And Under Budgeted.

It Only Makes Sense To Hire A Professional.

Acting As Your “Foreman To The Project”, TeleSoft Systems Can Lend Assistance To Every Aspect Of This Process. 

The Foundation To The Success Of Your OutBound Calling Program Is A Solid Blueprint / Process / Documentation Approach.

TeleSoft Systems Can Show You How To Implement Success Proven OutBound Calling Campaigns, Techniques And Methods – Quickly And Dramatically.

Our Wealth Of OutBound Calling Knowledge Allows For A Complete Diagnosis & Evaluation Of Your Existing OutBound Calling Program - Pinpointing Issues And Formulating Solutions That Will Place Your Campaign On The Fast Track To Success For Years To Come.



Take the Next Step


Most Clients start by Requesting a Free Exploratory Meeting or TeleConference, where we Ask a Few Questions and Answer a Few too.  

Following the Exploratory Meeting, Clients typically Retain us for a Performance Audit - a Current Review of your Call Center Operations, People, Customers and Technology. 


Within 10 Business Days of the Performance Audit, we will provide you with a Written Report Detailing our Observations, Recommendations, Quick Wins -and a Strategic Framework for Achieving Peak Call Center Performance.  


Getting Started is Easy!

Simply Contact TeleSoft Systems at to Schedule your Free Exploratory Meeting.



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